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Social Security Disability Archives

How moving may impact SSD benefits

Missouri residents who receive Social Security Disability benefits will receive the same amount regardless of where they live. This means that they could move to state that has a lower cost of living without seeing a reduction in the benefits that they are entitled to. The amount that a person may receive is based on his or her earnings prior to applying for benefits as opposed to the cost of living in a given area.

How those who are depressed may get disability benefits

If an individual in Missouri or any other state is experiencing depression, it may be possible to apply for disability benefits. In many cases, a person may make a concurrent claim for Social Security disability (SSD) and SSI benefits. To have a claim for benefits based on depression approved, an individual will need to provide objective evidence of this claim. Evidence may be provided by the applicant or by the applicant's doctor.

How the SSA handles benefit applications

Missouri residents may need to meet strict criteria to obtain social security disability benefits. First, that person must have a condition that will keep him or her out of work for at least a year. Additionally, that person must have a physical or mental condition that prevents him or her from making a gainful living. Although those criteria may not appear strict, many initial applications are denied.

Disabled workers and Social Security

Workers in Missouri who become disabled may no longer be able to financially support themselves. Workers in the United States have an almost 20 percent chance of being disabled for a minimum of three months throughout their working life. Many workers have no disability insurance coverage and no means to replace their income while disabled, which could result in severe financial troubles.

Distinguishing SSDI from SSI

Missouri residents should be aware that the Social Security Administration provides two kinds of benefits. Even though Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) and supplement security income (SSI) can both be used to supplement the income of people who are prevented from working because of a medical disability, there are some key differences in the two programs.

Considerations when applying for Social Security disability

People in Missouri seeking Social Security Disability Income often have questions and concerns about the next steps in a process that can be confusing and complicated. It can be difficult to exit the workforce due to disability, and applying for SSDI can be challenging. Statistics show that 60 to 75 percent of applications are denied as well as 80 percent of appeals, which means that there is a high bar to meet to prove one's eligibility.

Social Security disability tied to long-term inability to work

Missouri workers who have been disabled by an accident or chronic illness might meet the eligibility requirements for collecting benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. The Social Security Administration will determine eligibility after reviewing the medical records for an applicant and considering the person's ability to perform work.

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