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The 3 most common sources of injury for office workers

If you think that workers’ compensation only applies to dangerous jobs such as construction, think again. Even seemingly safe occupations carry the risk of debilitating injury. This applies to those who work in an office setting.

Office work may not appear to contain hazards, yet the following are common sources of injury for such employees. If any of these apply to you, then you may have a workers’ compensation claim.

1. Falls

Falls are the primary source of injury in the workplace, no matter the industry. Falls in the office can happen due to:

  •        Slipping on wet or slick floors
  •        Losing your balance on unstable chairs, step stools and ladders
  •        Tripping over cords or open file drawers
  •        Running into a coworker

Falls can cause fractures, broken bones, sprains and even traumatic brain injuries. All of these affect your ability to work and lead to high medical costs.

2. Repetitive motion

As an office employee, you are more likely to suffer from a musculoskeletal disorder as a result of repeated motions. For example, you may develop carpal tunnel from constant typing and writing, or you may experience back pain from sitting all day or lifting and carrying heavy boxes. Although these injuries develop over time, they are just as eligible for workers’ comp.

3. Office equipment

You may not be dealing with hammers or toxic chemicals, but office equipment can also be harmful. File cabinets, boxes and other objects can fall on you. You may jam your finger in a door or drawer or get your clothes caught on a machine. Even sharp desk corners, paper cutters and heavy-duty staplers can cause serious harm.

Office work may not be the most hazardous job, but it still requires following industry standards and taking necessary precautions. You have just as much right to expect your employer to provide a safe work environment and to file a claim in the event of an injury.