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Considerations when applying for Social Security disability

People in Missouri seeking Social Security Disability Income often have questions and concerns about the next steps in a process that can be confusing and complicated. It can be difficult to exit the workforce due to disability, and applying for SSDI can be challenging. Statistics show that 60 to 75 percent of applications are denied as well as 80 percent of appeals, which means that there is a high bar to meet to prove one’s eligibility.

A number of people must go through multiple appeals before securing Social Security disability benefits. There are a few steps that people can take in order to help bolster their application and ensure they are taking the right steps forward. First, discussing plans for SSDI with one’s doctor can be critical. A doctor’s recommendation can be one of the most important parts of an SSDI application, and the doctor will have necessary paperwork to complete in order for a person to submit their application.

It is also important for people applying for disability income to have all of their medical records on hand, whether from a primary care physician or from specialists. These records can include lab work, scans and other test results. Reviewing medical records can also help an applicant determine if their are issues that must be addressed before submitting them as part of the application.

Similarly, the history of a person’s treatments, including hospital stays, infusions, physical therapy appointments and other procedures, is also important for an SSDI application. Information about the medicines a person is using are also good to include as part of the application, including both conventional therapies and complementary or alternative treatments.

An SSDI application will need detailed information about an applicant’s experience of disability. Completing the application with the highest degree of effectiveness and accuracy can be a challenge, especially while dealing with a disabling condition. A disability lawyer can help a person applying for SSDI to complete their application. For people who have been denied Social Security benefits, an attorney can help to guide the appeals process.