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How headlights make roads safer

Missouri drivers who turn their headlights on during the day could be at a lower risk of getting into an accident. Research indicates that vehicles may be more visible during a clear day when they are in use in addition to at night or when the weather is bad.

The use of headlights during the day has resulted in a 12 percent reduction in crashes involving pedestrians. It has also resulted in a 23 percent reduction in crashes involving cars and motorcycles when the vehicle is coming from the opposite direction. This is important because these types of accidents tend to cause the highest number of injuries and deaths. Overall, the use of headlights during daytime hours has resulted in a 10 percent decrease in accidents, according to some studies. Despite this data, the use of daytime running lights are not mandated by the federal government.

While new cars are coming with daytime running lamps, there is still the problem of phasing out what to do with those that don’t have them. One suggestion is that drivers are held responsible for running their lights at all times. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it would cost drivers as little as $3 and as much as $40 a year on average to replace headlights more frequently.

Drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians may benefit from talking to a personal injury attorney after an accident. It may be possible to hold a driver financially liable for his or her actions. Compensation may be available to help pay for lost wages or lost future earnings if accident injuries keep a victim out of work. The person who caused the crash may also be liable for paying a victim’s current and future medical bills related to the accident.