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Reducing blind spots in workplaces

Blind spot accidents are a danger, and not just when driving. Blind spots in work environments, especially those that involve the use of heavy equipment or machinery, can lead to injuries that range from minor to catastrophic. Workers in Missouri may be interested in some information on safety precautions that could be taken to avoid these types of incidents.

Accidents can happen when workers who are carrying large objects or boxes can’t see each other and collide. Large vehicles are often equipped with safety systems that make an audible warning when the vehicle is moving in reverse, but sometimes workers may become so accustomed to that sound that it blends into the background and fails to work as an alert to potential danger.

Safety mirrors that are shatter-resistant could be a solution to many blind spot problems. In order to work effectively, mirrors may require customization to fit the work environment. Standard off-the-shelf mirrors may work in many cases, but some situations may require mirrored domes, convex mirrors, specially angled mirrors or other special types to meet the needs of the workers in their specific environment. Not all mirrors are made of glass. Acrylic or polycarbonate mirrors are shatter resistant and could be safer than glass mirrors in many situations. Mirrors can also have coatings to protect against various types of weather, indoors or out.

Despite all safety precautions, accidents can still happen. When a worker is injured, workers’ compensation benefits could be available to help cover medical bills and in some cases provided a percentage of lost wages. A lawyer can often assist with preparing and filing the required claim documentation.