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How those who are depressed may get disability benefits

If an individual in Missouri or any other state is experiencing depression, it may be possible to apply for disability benefits. In many cases, a person may make a concurrent claim for Social Security disability (SSD) and SSI benefits. To have a claim for benefits based on depression approved, an individual will need to provide objective evidence of this claim. Evidence may be provided by the applicant or by the applicant’s doctor.

The applicant may be able to describe how the depression impacts his or her ability to function. A medical professional may be able to confirm that an applicant has issues with mood, behavior or perception. The severity of a person’s depression may be determined by looking at how it impacts that individual’s ability to function and socialize with others. In other words, a person who can’t do basic tasks such as pay bills or properly interact with friends or colleagues may be deemed to suffer from depression.

Those who are applying for benefits may prove impairment by showing documented thoughts of committing suicide or a lack of interest in activities. Individuals must also show that this has made it impossible to concentrate or otherwise places a restriction on their daily activities. Those who can show chronic depression that has lasted for two or more years may also prove impairment because of depression.

People who have a documented inability to work may be entitled to disability benefits. The type of benefits a person may be entitled to may depend on his or her work record and other factors. An attorney may be able to explain the application process as well as help those who have had their applications denied. This may make it easier for those who may be unable to work to obtain financial resources.