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Avoiding truck accidents

Driving around large trucks can be intimidating for many Missouri drivers. There are over 2 million large semi-trucks on the road across the United States, and drivers who are sharing the road with semis can use driving strategies to make an accident less likely.

One important tip is to give trucks plenty of stopping space. A truck carrying 80,000 pounds can take 550 feet to come to a complete stop when travelling at 55 miles per hour. Smaller vehicles may be able to stop in less than 200 feet while travelling at the same speed.

Drivers should take care not to linger in a trucker’s blind spot. When passing, they should try to get around the truck and then move ahead if the speed limit allows so that the truck driver will not face an unavoidable trucking accident if there is not enough time to brake. Drivers should also pass on the left whenever possible.

Drivers should also keep in mind that trucks cannot speed up as quickly as cars do. One should avoid matching a truck’s speed when merging onto a highway since they are in a much better position to accelerate to avoid a collision than the driver of a truck.

A person who has been in an accident with a truck driver may benefit from consulting with a personal injury lawyer, especially if they have sustained serious injuries. Because of their massive weight, trucks can cause serious damage when they collide with smaller vehicles. A lawyer may be able to negotiate a settlement for compensation to cover the accident victim’s medical bills. If the truck driver was working at the time of the accident, his or her company’s commercial liability insurance may cover the damages.