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How moving may impact SSD benefits

Missouri residents who receive Social Security Disability benefits will receive the same amount regardless of where they live. This means that they could move to state that has a lower cost of living without seeing a reduction in the benefits that they are entitled to. The amount that a person may receive is based on his or her earnings prior to applying for benefits as opposed to the cost of living in a given area.

However, it is possible to actually get less than the full benefit amount. This may happen because benefits are being garnished or because a person had work activity that negated a portion of the SSD earnings. Benefits are generally garnished to repay tax debts, child support owed or student loan arrearages. Those who lived in states that offered supplemental benefits may receive less when they move if their new home state doesn’t offer extra resources.

If a person has a mental or physical condition that results in an inability to work, it may be possible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits may help a person make up for lost earnings because he or she is no longer able to work full-time or on a regular basis.

An attorney can answer questions such as whether or not an individual may be able to work while receiving benefits. In many cases, individuals may work up to a certain threshold before it has any impact on their ability to collect a check from the government. Legal counsel may also be helpful for those who may have had an initial application denied and may need assistance during the appeals process.