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OOIDA proposes rule change

If the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has its requests granted, commercial drivers in Missouri and elsewhere may be operating under more-lenient rules. OOIDA has asked that drivers be able to pause their 14-hour daily clock for up to three hours. The trucker advocacy group has also asked that the required 30-minute rest break be eliminated in favor of the three-hour pause. However, the petition would still require drivers to rest for 10 consecutive hours between shifts.

According to OOIDA, the rules may require drivers to be on the road during busy times or during times of inclement weather. Furthermore, the group claims that the rule is not flexible enough to account for the needs of individual drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is currently looking into rules that may allow drivers to split their hours of duty into several segments.

However, if such a rule were to be developed and accepted, it wouldn’t be on the books for several years. OOIDA has asked FMCSA to place its petition into the Federal Register and initiate a rulemaking. According to OOIDA, these reforms would encourage safe driving habits that would keep both drivers and the general public safe while on the road.

Those who are in an accident with a commercial vehicle may experience significant injuries. These victims could be entitled to compensation that covers medical bills and other damages, including lost wages, missed earnings and money spent renovating a home or car. An attorney could use log books or other evidence to show that truck driver fatigue played a role in causing a crash to occur.