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Taking medicine generally improves the odds of SSD acceptance

When a Missouri resident submits an application for social security disability benefits, approval won’t be based on prior medical history. This means that an applicant doesn’t need to be on medication for a condition to receive benefits. However, the disability examiner might ask if taking medication could make it possible for an individual to work.

Failure to take medication to help manage symptoms of a health problem could make it look like an applicant didn’t consider it to be a serious issue. It could also appear as if a doctor didn’t consider an applicant’s depression, asthma or other health problem to be a serious issue. This can be unfortunate for those who don’t take medication because they can’t afford to pay for it or have other legitimate reasons for not being medicated.

Those who don’t have insurance or otherwise don’t have access to care are encouraged to look into medical services in their community. Free clinics or financial assistance can make it easier to see a doctor or afford needed medicine. Doing so can make it easier to show that a condition makes it impossible to work even after trying to control symptoms with commonly prescribed medication.

Individuals who are seeking SSD benefits may increase the chances of getting an application approved by providing as much information to a reviewer as possible. This may include a list of medications taken in an effort to work despite health problems. An attorney could help a client compile such a list or otherwise gather information that may lead to an initial application or appeal being approved. Other important information can include a list of doctors seen and how to contact them.