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How one O startup could aid the trucking industry

Across Missouri and the rest of the U.S., more than 3 million commercial truck drivers are in the process of carrying 70 percent of the nation’s cargo. They’re a fixture of the roads, and unfortunately, they’re all too liable to get into accidents due to fatigue behind the wheel. After all, the average trucker drives a total of 70 hours over an eight-day workweek. However, an Oklahoma-based startup has a way to address this issue.

Founded just three years ago, BlyncSync is a producer of safety software, and it is currently working on various smart devices that prompt truckers to become better drivers. They are first of all developing smart safety glasses that can measure blink rate and thus report trucker fatigue in real time. Other devices that the company proposes to build are smart hard hats as well as watches and bands that capture biometric data like heart rate.

Not only could BlyncSync help in reducing trucker fatigue, but it could also foster mutually beneficial relationships between truckers and dispatchers. By improving safety, the CEO and co-founders intend to lower insurance rates and turnaround rate. They are especially hopeful about their business prospects because Oklahoma is already a shipping hub. Collaborating with BlyncSync on a scalable business plan is i2E, a nationally recognized nonprofit.

Drowsy driving remains as a serious challenge to the trucking industry. In order to meet deadlines, truckers will violate regulations concerning duty hours, putting themselves at risk for it. When drowsiness is to blame for an 18-wheeler accident, the victim can see a lawyer about filing a claim against the driver’s employer. Trucking companies have their own team of lawyers who will do everything possible to deny payment, so it’s always a good idea to have experienced counsel.