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Understanding a denial letter for SSD benefits

When people in Missouri apply for Social Security Disability benefits, they often face a denial at the early stages of the process, even when they have an excellent claim. They may learn of this denial through a notice of disapproved claim received in the mail from the Social Security Administration. This type of letter will generally begin with a statement telling the applicant that he or she is not disabled under the guidelines for SSD or SSI benefits.

The letter will list medical treatment sources used in the decision to deny the SSD benefits claim. In most cases, the list comes from the one the applicant submitted with his or her initial application. It may include additional providers, however, or exclude some that the applicant provided. If the case moves forward to a disability hearing, a disability attorney may review which records were actually obtained by the Social Security Administration. At this later stage, an attorney may also submit additional materials that bolster the applicant’s claim.

In addition, the letter will list the conditions for which the applicant was evaluated as well as making a statement about how they affect his or her ability to work. In some cases, the letter may admit that the claimant cannot return to a former job, but it may affirm that he or she could work at a different job instead. The letter will state in conclusion that it was approved by a doctor before being sent out.

Receiving this kind of letter can be an important prompt to an applicant to immediately file an appeal. A disability attorney may work with people applying for Social Security Disability benefits to make the strongest claim possible, from the initial claims process through a disability hearing where additional evidence and information may be brought before an administrative judge.