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Documenting car accident damages and injuries

When filing a claim following a car accident in Missouri, accident victims tend to be more likely to get a fair payment or settlement if damages and injuries are well documented. It’s a process that often goes smoother if an affected party remains calm so important details can be recalled. However, before any documentation of damages begins, the standard recommendation is to call 911 first to deal with emergency issues related to an accident first.

Generally, it’s best for everyone involved to leave their vehicles where the accident occurred unless it’s not safe to do so. If possible, victims of car accidents are also advised to take photographs before the police or other drivers move vehicles. The next step is for an involved party to get contact information from other drivers and witnesses. It can be helpful for a victim to remain neutral and calm when doing so to avoid potential confrontations so that everything can be properly documented.

Accident victims are further encouraged to cooperate with the police when they arrive and ask for an accident report. Documenting an accident could also involve listing missing or damaged items that were stored in the vehicle, such as contents of a purse or wallet or electronics. Documentation extends to involved parties noting how they feel physically at the time of the accident and during the days or weeks afterward. A claimant may also benefit from documenting the apparent medical conditions of other involved parties.

Consulting a personal injury attorney may be a good idea if a claimant is presented with documents to sign. In some cases, signing certain papers makes it difficult or impossible to pursue legal action. A lawyer might also help accident victims secure the types of documentation discussed above, especially if they aren’t comfortable doing so or physically able to