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Date for SSD benefits calculations

Missouri residents who submit an initial claim for disability benefits, or file an application for disability, and who have their case approved will have their established date of onset determined by the disability examiner. The EOD is the date that the Social Security Administration determines an applicant’s disability began.

The EOD can be a significant factor in determining how far back disability benefits can be awarded. However, there are distinct differences between the SSI and the Social Security Disability programs that can affect the outcome. Other factors to consider are the substantial differences in how the claims approvals are handled at the reconsideration appeal level or application appeal level and how they are handled at the disability hearing level.

For cases involving SSI, the benefits that applicants can receive may be calculated back to the date when the disability application was submitted. The same occurs in cases of SSD, but it can also be calculated up one year retroactively of the file date as long as the medical documentation that has been submitted justifies using that disability onset date.

One of the most significant differences between the lower levels of the application system and the hearings is that the administrative law judges at the hearings who are able to approve the claims may opt to reconsider prior denials for applicants who have been denied on separate claims. The reconsideration of a denial occurs if medical evidence is produced showing that the applicant was in fact disabled during a period for which they were previously denied.

An attorney who practices Social Security Disability law may assist disabled clients with navigating the application process for benefits. The attorney may assist with obtaining necessary documentation and may advocate for clients during disability hearings in front of administrative law judges.