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Raising awareness of the dangers of drowsy driving

The vast majority of Missouri drivers know just how dangerous it can be to drive while tired. When a person is drowsy, they have trouble making good decisions and reacting quickly when they are behind the wheel. To help bring awareness to the issue, March 15 was designated World Sleep Day.

If a person is awake for about 18 hours, most experts would say that their ability to drive is impaired. The condition they are in is quite similar to that of a drunk driver. In order to help more people appreciate the dangers that exist when driving while tired, Ford Motor Company designed a sleep suit. The suit, which Ford has incorporated into its free young driver training program, includes goggles, a vest, a cap and armbands/ankle bands that all connect to a smartphone app.

The purpose of this suit is to create the same sleepiness a person would experience when driving while tired. The goggles cause a person to experience microsleeps and simulate the way the brain shuts down as drowsiness emerges. These are uncontrollable responses to being tired. It’s important to note that these microsleeps can last 10 seconds or more and may happen while a person’s eyes are open.

When an innocent victim gets hurt by a drowsy driver, a personal injury attorney could provide legal assistance. This attorney could use evidence collected by eyewitnesses, cameras and local authorities to evaluate and assemble a civil claim. They could provide other advice to help the victim receive due compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and more.