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Car crash numbers decline with use of ADAS

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, are devices that help assist with driving by warning drivers against hazards and, in some cases, intervening when drivers do not react in time. Missouri residents should know that ADAS can help reduce the number of car accidents on the nation’s roads. A J.D. Power study from 2018 illustrates this very well.

More than half of the study’s participants said that within 90 days of owning their new ADAS-equipped vehicle, the safety tech was able to help them prevent at least one crash. Of these, 49% said it was the blind spot alert that helped. Backup cameras, which are required on all new vehicles, and parking sensors were named as helpful by 42% of participants while 35% favorably mentioned the forward collision warning or automatic emergency braking systems.

AEB is one of the most common driving assistance tools and can apply the brakes for drivers who disregard its warning. Another device that drivers frequently rely on is lane departure warning, which reminds drivers to use their turn signal when changing lanes. Adaptive cruise control adjusts a car’s speed based on traffic and maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front. There is also a device for centering a car in its lane and one for detecting cyclists and pedestrians.

Some drivers forget that ADAS are meant to assist drivers, not take over for them, so they might feel justified in using their phone or engaging in other distracting actions while these devices are on. Such negligence, if it leads to a crash with injuries, may give the other side good reason to file a personal injury claim. Since auto insurance companies can be aggressive in denying payment to accident victims, victims may wish to have legal representation to tackle settlement negotiations.