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3 steps to take after a slip-and-fall in a public place

People can suffer life-altering injuries while engaging in the most ordinary behaviors. You could fall and hit your head because the floor at the entrance to your apartment building is wet. You could break a bone if you trip over an exposed electrical cord near a freezer at the grocery store.

Although people frequently treat slip-and-fall incidents like jokes, they can cause severe injuries including brain injuries and broken bones. If you noticed serious injuries or think you may develop symptoms in the next few days, you will want to follow the three steps below it to protect yourself.

Use your mobile phone to document the situation

Before you leave the area where you fell, pull out your phone. As long as it didn’t get broken when you fell, you can use it to capture crucial details about your incident.

Your picture or video should show what caused your fall and other factors in the space, such as a lack of lighting that made the puddle hard to spot. That way, you have proof about the dangerous circumstances at the time of your slip even if the store tries to clean things up afterward.

Make a report before you leave the business

Whether you need to call your landlord or ask to speak to a manager, you want to make a formal incident report about the fall. Businesses have an obligation to maintain internal records about these kinds of incidents on their premises. Creating a formal record will make it easier for you to file a personal injury claim or insurance claim in the future.

See a doctor if you have any noticeable or possible injuries 

The longer you go before seeing a doctor, the easier it will be for the business to try to claim the accident didn’t cause your injury. The sooner you see a medical professional, the easier it will be to link your injuries to the negligence of the business.

Advocating for yourself after a slip-and-fall can help you get compensation for your injuries and prompt a business to change its practices.