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The lifetime complications of severe burn injuries

Burn injuries can occur in a variety of situations beyond your control. For example, motor vehicle accidents in St. Louis, Missouri, often result in burns, especially if a fire or explosion occurs.

Some burns are relatively minor and may heal well with proper medical care. Other burns, however, are much more severe and can affect the life of the victim long past the early days of the injury.

Maximizing your compensation is vital

You might think that you only need initial medical care after suffering severe burn injuries. However, most victims discover that they need ongoing treatment from a team of medical providers to recover as best as possible. In some cases, serious complications can make an already devastating burn injury even worse. These complications include:

  • Bacterial infections, some of which may turn into sepsis, which is an infection of the bloodstream
  • Loss of fluids, including an increased risk of hypovolemia or low blood volume
  • Hypothermia, also known as perilously low body temperature, sometimes occurs after a severe or deep burn
  • Respiratory and breathing problems from inhaling smoke or hot air
  • Scar tissue contractures that tighten or shorten tendons, muscles and skin can cause problems with joints and bones

Most of those suffering from severe burns also experience scarring from an overgrowth of healing tissue in the wake of their injury

If you have suffered burns in a motor vehicle accident or any negligent or reckless situation, it is critical to fight for the compensation you deserve. An excellent way to start is to learn more about how personal injury and financial compensation laws affect Missouri burn victims.