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How do you make ends meet during a Social Security appeal?

If you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you are probably already dealing with financial hardship. You might have a medical issue that is serious enough that it prevents you from working, and you are not yet old enough to retire.

It can be hard enough to wait to hear back about your application when you first submit it to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Even going a few weeks without income can be a hardship. If the SSA rejects your application, you will have to appeal to get benefits. How can you support yourself while waiting to appeal your benefits?

People often need support during an appeal

Needing to wait to resolve an appeal to get your benefits is not an ideal situation. However, at least you are in the St. Louis area, which means your wait time won’t be too bad. The St. Louis office actually has a very quick turnaround time for hearings in front of an administrative law judge. Applicants, on average, only have to wait eight months to see a judge.

Still, that means you may have to find alternate means of funding your household expenses for more than half a year. Some people are able to manage this process with credit cards or personal loans combined with incredibly careful budgeting. Others may need to borrow money.

Thankfully, after approval, you may be able to receive back-dated benefits going back to when you originally applied. Learning more about SSDI applications can help you get benefits when you can’t work due to a medical condition.