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Remain vigilant when using stairways

People across Missouri tend to go about their daily activities without worrying too much about getting injured. The problem is that accidents often occur at times when we least expect them. Accidents can happen in places and situations that we may take for granted. For instance, going up and down stairways is almost an automatic activity for most people.

Stairways actually present a significant risk of injury to those who use them. In fact, studies indicate that over a million injuries occur through stairway accidents each year. Recognizing the potential dangers when using stairs could contribute to improving safety in this area.

A poorly lit stairway is a dangerous place

It is vital that all stairways are illuminated by appropriate lighting. Often, building owners or managers may be notified of broken lighting and not make repairs until it is too late. Maintaining lighting is of little expense and the benefits of doing so certainly outweigh any costs.

Stairways should be free from obstacles

Stairways can be busy, with people crossing paths as they make their way up and down. Thus, it is vital that ample room is left for people to move safely. Not only can obstacles left in stairways take up valuable space, but they also present a serious trip hazard. The injuries sustained from a fall down the stairs can be catastrophic, with the victim possibly having to endure multiple impacts.

Safety measures should be implemented

Other than providing adequate lighting and removing any obstacles, there are other ways to ensure that stairways remain safe. Handrails allow people to remain balanced when using the stairs and also provide something to hold onto should a fall occur.

Since stairs are used with such frequency, it is important to know how to protect yourself. In the unfortunate event that you have been injured in a fall, there may be legal options open to you.