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2 major hazards faced by warehouse workers every day

People who work in warehouses often face hazards that most people might not associate with the job. Even things that might seem harmless can be devastating to the workers if it’s the cause of an injury. It’s up to the employer to ensure that the workers have a safe workplace. 

While many people focus on warehouse hazards like moving machines, they often miss some of the other ones these workers face. Consider these if you’re working in a warehouse:

Slip-and-fall accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents in warehouses can be due to very simple things like cardboard or paper being left on the floor. Cords to machines are also a hazard that should be eliminated. Some warehouse workers also have to be careful about slick floors. Wearing slip-resistant shoes can help reduce this risk. 

Cumulative trauma injuries

Injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain, can occur because of the repetitive motions that are used in warehouse work. Using ergonomically correct methods to lift, reach, and handle other tasks is critical in the prevention of these injuries.

All warehouse workers should ensure they understand the risks of their occupation. This can help them to remain safe, but the onus is on the employer to provide them with the tools and protocol to make safety a priority. When a worker is injured, they should be able to count on workers’ compensation to cover the medical bills, as well as other allowed benefits. If your workers’ comp claim isn’t going as expected, it may be time to gain a legal perspective on your options.