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Common back injuries caused by car accidents

Those inside the vehicle can be injured in many ways during a car accident. One of the most severe and painful places to obtain injuries is the back.

However, due to the many bones, discs, and muscles in the back, several injuries can occur. While some injuries can heal after a few weeks or months of treatment and therapy, others will last a lifetime.

If someone else caused the accident and injury, you could recover compensation for your medical treatment and pain and suffering (among other things). However, it’s also helpful to know some of the back injuries you may experience after a car accident.


When it comes to back and neck injuries, whiplash is the most well-known condition. This is when your head and neck move forward and back rapidly. This injury is commonly seen in rear-end collisions. It can cause severe pain in the back, neck, and arms. Unfortunately, symptoms of whiplash may take a few days or longer to develop, which is why getting a medical evaluation after your accident is so important.


It is not unusual for victims to experience compression fractures in a car accident. These are caused by the pressure exerted during an accident on the back and spine. While the fractures themselves are a cause for concern, the spinal cord may also be damaged in more serious situations.

Seeking compensation for your car accident back injury

Back injuries are often serious and debilitating. Even if you recover from the injury, you may experience residual pain for the rest of your life. Because of this, you should seek compensation from the at-fault party to try to recoup some of the losses and damages you incur.