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2 reasons your workers’ comp claim may be denied

Workers’ compensation is a type of no-fault insurance that employers with over five employees in Missouri must carry. The purpose is to provide benefits to injured workers while on the job. 

If you are injured, you may believe that receiving these benefits will be a smooth and straightforward process. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There are situations where your request for benefits may be denied. Knowing what these are will help you know what to do to get the benefits you deserve. 

Failure to report your incident in a timely manner

All workplace accidents and injuries must be reported to your employer within 30 days of the incident. It’s better to report it as soon as it happens, but you must meet the 30-day deadline or face having the request denied. The request must be provided in writing to your employer and include all pertinent information, including the worker’s name, injury, date and time of the incident. 

Failure to seek medical treatment

If you don’t seek medical treatment for your work-related accident or injury, the insurance provider may have grounds to deny your claim. Keep in mind that in workers’ compensation claims, you have to submit a request to receive medical treatment (except in emergency situations). You will also have to go to an approved doctor. However, not seeking treatment or failing to go to the approved doctor may result in your benefits being denied. 

Know your legal rights

When it comes to workers’ compensation benefits, the goal is to protect workers. However, there are situations where these claims are denied. If this happens, you can appeal the decision and provide evidence and testimony to help you recover the benefits you are entitled to.