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Have you suffered electrical burns at work? 

Electricity has transformed construction sites, offices and every other workplace. Electricity provides a source of power for modern tools that make life much easier for employees. 

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks and electricity has the potential to be very dangerous. One of the more common injuries caused by accidents at work that involve electricity is electrical burns

What are the causes and symptoms of these burns and what are your options if you suffer this type of injury? 

Faulty equipment 

It’s crucial that anything involving the use of electricity is well-maintained. Employers have a duty to safety check electrical equipment before issuing it to employees. A faulty tool or frayed wire is enough to result in an electrical accident that causes serious burns. 

The environment 

Not all electrical burns involve direct contact with the source. The atmosphere around workers is sometimes enough to pose problems. For instance, a worker might be standing in an area of low electrical resistance when a high-powered tool is being used in an area of high resistance. This can result in electricity traveling through the air to the low resistance area and causing severe burns. 

Electrical burns are notoriously painful and they also have the potential to cause permanent scarring. Recovery times can be long, and victims may never regain full functionality of their affected areas again.

If you have faced this type of injury at work, make sure you look into your legal options for workers’ compensation. This will help ensure that you are financially compensated during the time you take off from work to recover.