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How to document your workplace injury 

If you are injured on the job, you may want to move on as fast as possible and put the situation behind you. However, moving too quickly and failing to document the incident properly may impact your ability to recover workers’ compensation benefits. 

The right documentation of your incident can impact whether your workers’ compensation claim is successful. Some of the documents you need are listed here:

1. Take photos of the scene

If possible, take photos of any contributing factors to your accident. You should try to create a visual story of the situation and why your accident and injury occurred. For example, was the floor slippery due to a spill, or were the aisles cluttered with debris and boxes? Take photos of visible injuries, too. 

2. Speak to witnesses

It is smart to gather personal information from anyone who saw what happened. The contact information is essential for proving what caused the accident and the aftermath. Having witness statements that support your claim can help you receive fair compensation. 

3. Keep a journal

It is smart to create a journal related to your workplace accident. Once you have described what happened, it is a good idea to update it daily regarding your physical injuries and the emotional toll of the accident. Writing down the way the accident has affected your life will help you build a strong case and show you should receive compensation. 

4. Track all accident-related costs

It is necessary to document all the costs you incur due to the accident, including lost income, prescription receipts, medical bills and more. Any expense related to the accident or your injuries needs to be documented. 

If you are injured at work, you have legal rights. Workers’ compensation is one of these rights. Knowing how to document the incident will help you get what you deserve.