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How changes in your condition can affect SSDI benefits

With Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you’ll often want to consider a few factors. One is often how changes in your medical condition can impact your benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will periodically review your case to ensure you still qualify for benefits in continuing disability reviews (CDRs). There are a few ways changes in your condition can affect your SSDI benefits in Missouri.

Reporting improvements or deteriorations in health

Changes in your health can influence your SSDI benefits.

        Improvements in health: Report any improvements in your condition to the SSA. When your condition improves, the SSA might determine that you no longer qualify as disabled. This can end your benefits. Be sure to keep detailed medical records to document any changes in your health.

        Deteriorations in health: Inform the SSA if your condition worsens. This could affect your benefits. A worsening condition might strengthen your case for continued or increased benefits if it is well-documented.

Periodic reviews and continuing disability reviews

The SSA conducts CDRs every three to seven years, depending on whether your condition is expected to improve quickly or at all. For conditions likely to improve, reviews occur more often. During a CDR, the SSA will evaluate your medical evidence. They may request more information from your healthcare providers if needed. This review is used to determine if you’re still eligible to receive benefits.

Navigating changes in your SSDI benefits


Changes in your health condition can significantly impact your SSDI benefits. Staying informed and proactive can be important. Understanding the process and your rights can help you navigate the complexities of SSDI reviews.