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What to know about the Social Security waiting period

Individuals in Missouri and throughout the country may be subject to a waiting period when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. The waiting period starts the month after the established disability onset date. There are no exceptions to the rule, but it may be possible to obtain back pay for up to 12 months prior to filing for benefits. Applicants who have been disabled for at least 17 months prior to filing may not necessarily be impacted by the waiting period.

Length of Social Security disability hearings may vary

People who are attempting to claim Social Security disability benefits in Missouri are generally required to attend a hearing as part of the process. In many cases, hearings are as short as 10 or 15 minutes. These are cases in which the judge has already decided in favor of the claimant, so there is little need for discussion. In the simplest hearings, the judge may simply verify some of the information before entering a decision.

Date for SSD benefits calculations

Missouri residents who submit an initial claim for disability benefits, or file an application for disability, and who have their case approved will have their established date of onset determined by the disability examiner. The EOD is the date that the Social Security Administration determines an applicant's disability began.

'Disability" has a specific meaning under SSA rules

The Social Security Administration has an often complex set of rules and regulations governing the requirements that a claimant must meet before disability benefits are granted. Many Missouri workers who have experienced difficulty working due to a mental or physical condition believe they are disabled but do not meet the SSA's standards. In fact, over 50 percent of first time applicants are turned down. Consequently, it is important to have an understanding of what disability means when applying for SSD benefits.

Long waits in Social Security disability cases

Most Social Security disability applicants in Missouri will face a long wait before they begin receiving payments. Nationwide, the average wait time for a hearing is over 600 days. About 45 percent of applicants are approved for Social Security benefits eventually.

Understanding a denial letter for SSD benefits

When people in Missouri apply for Social Security Disability benefits, they often face a denial at the early stages of the process, even when they have an excellent claim. They may learn of this denial through a notice of disapproved claim received in the mail from the Social Security Administration. This type of letter will generally begin with a statement telling the applicant that he or she is not disabled under the guidelines for SSD or SSI benefits.

Taking medicine generally improves the odds of SSD acceptance

When a Missouri resident submits an application for social security disability benefits, approval won't be based on prior medical history. This means that an applicant doesn't need to be on medication for a condition to receive benefits. However, the disability examiner might ask if taking medication could make it possible for an individual to work.

How moving may impact SSD benefits

Missouri residents who receive Social Security Disability benefits will receive the same amount regardless of where they live. This means that they could move to state that has a lower cost of living without seeing a reduction in the benefits that they are entitled to. The amount that a person may receive is based on his or her earnings prior to applying for benefits as opposed to the cost of living in a given area.

How those who are depressed may get disability benefits

If an individual in Missouri or any other state is experiencing depression, it may be possible to apply for disability benefits. In many cases, a person may make a concurrent claim for Social Security disability (SSD) and SSI benefits. To have a claim for benefits based on depression approved, an individual will need to provide objective evidence of this claim. Evidence may be provided by the applicant or by the applicant's doctor.

How the SSA handles benefit applications

Missouri residents may need to meet strict criteria to obtain social security disability benefits. First, that person must have a condition that will keep him or her out of work for at least a year. Additionally, that person must have a physical or mental condition that prevents him or her from making a gainful living. Although those criteria may not appear strict, many initial applications are denied.

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