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Understanding construction site car accidents

A variety of factors can contribute to the severity of a car crash. One recent fatal crash involved six people sustaining injuries, and part of the severity involved the vehicle driving over a patch of loose dirt and gravel, which was there from recent construction. 

Drivers need to remain vigilant at all times when operating vehicles. However, that vigilance becomes even more important when driving through a construction area. While these sites can catch drivers off-guard, it is vital to anticipate them and know precisely how to react to avoid a dangerous crash.

Several types of accidents can occur

Construction site accidents can be extremely dangerous for the crew working there. Although workers wear helmets and reflective vests, a passing driver who is not paying attention may not see workers on the road. Another common accident involves sideswiping another vehicle. When construction requires one lane to close, two lanes will need to merge. Ordinarily, the drivers can coordinate this appropriately, but failing to pay attention can result in a serious collision ending in a great deal of property damage. Rear-end collisions are also common because traffic can stop at a moment’s notice. 

Causes that contribute to the accident

These accidents can occur at any time, but there will be a greater risk of accidents if there is not proper signage. Drivers need to receive warnings of construction well in advance with clearly visible signs so they can adjust accordingly. Poor traffic direction and aggression also typically lead to accidents.

Tips for avoiding such collisions

The best tip for prevention is to always know what is in front of you. Drivers need to limit distractions at all times, but in a construction zone, it is critical to make sure you do not look at your phone. You should also travel at a slower speed in these areas so you have more time to react to sudden changes in traffic.