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March 2019 Archives

Date for SSD benefits calculations

Missouri residents who submit an initial claim for disability benefits, or file an application for disability, and who have their case approved will have their established date of onset determined by the disability examiner. The EOD is the date that the Social Security Administration determines an applicant's disability began.

Raising awareness of the dangers of drowsy driving

The vast majority of Missouri drivers know just how dangerous it can be to drive while tired. When a person is drowsy, they have trouble making good decisions and reacting quickly when they are behind the wheel. To help bring awareness to the issue, March 15 was designated World Sleep Day.

Daylight saving time can mean higher risk for crashes

Daylight saving time means losing one hour of sleep, which may pose a danger for many drivers in Missouri. Experts recommend at least seven hours of rest every night, but missing one or two hours within a 24-hour period can double one's risk for a car crash. This is according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Pedestrian safety is an increasing concern

Highway safety is typically thought of in terms of crashes involving two or more motor vehicles. While it is a legitimate safety concern, most Missouri residents take reasonable precautions by obeying traffic laws and driving alertly. Thankfully, the majority of vehicle crashes are in fact minor, and advanced safety equipment has helped to protect drivers and passengers. However, when one of the people involved in an accident is a pedestrian, the potential for a serious or fatal injury is significantly higher.

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