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Do you know the steps to take after an injury at work?

No one wants to get hurt at work, but if you have been, then it is time to look at the next steps to take. You may want to seek medical care and file a workers’ compensation claim, so you can start recovering and have the financial support that you need.

After you’re injured, the first step is always going to be to call 911 or seek medical attention if the injury is severe. Your health comes first, so make sure that you’re receiving appropriate care. If you can drive yourself, let your supervisor or employer know that you’re going to seek medical attention. Remember to let your employer know that you’ve been injured as soon as possible to start the claims process.

Next, let your doctor know how you got hurt and that this was a work-related injury. They will have forms and documents that you will be able to use for your case.

After this, talk to your attorney. Your attorney will help you protect your rights and make sure you don’t leave benefits on the table that you’re entitled to. Workers’ compensation claims can be complex, so it’s a good idea to get legal support even if you know it will be approved.

What happens if this was a delayed-onset injury or one that developed over time?

If your work injury happened over time, then you should remember to get as much documentation linking the injury to your work as possible. Whether you have a condition that was worsened as a result of your work duties or you have a repetitive-stress injury, you may still be able to get the workers’ compensation coverage that you need. Your attorney can help you put together more documentation if your claim is denied or help you navigate filing a claim.

As a worker, you may be able to receive several kinds of benefits, such as medical benefits, the replacement of a portion of your lost wages and more. Your employer should help you start the claims process, but your attorney can also assist you as you move forward with it.