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FAQ: When should you talk to a lawyer about an injury?

When you get hurt, it is generally a physician whose advice you seek. A doctor can tell you what treatment is necessary for your recovery and give you a reasonable timeline for the process. A physician can also refer you to a specialist if you need highly skilled services like reconstructive surgery, or treatment for spinal cord or brain injury.

Often, a doctor isn’t the only professional whose help you will need while navigating an insurance claim or dealing with the consequences of a severe personal injury. An attorney can also be helpful when dealing with an injury. When do people need to talk to a lawyer after they get hurt?

When costs exceed protections

Maybe you were in a car crash, and the other driver not only totaled your vehicle but left you with broken bones that have kept you off of work for weeks. If they carry the minimum amount of insurance, that might mean there’s only $25,000 worth of medical coverage for one person hurt in a crash or $50,000 to treat multiple people.

Maybe you suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling down outside of an apartment building. You would have to pay coinsurance on any care that you receive after you pay your deductible out-of-pocket.

If you can’t afford to spend several thousand dollars on medical care, you may need help looking for sources of compensation outside of the insurance you carry for yourself or the policy protecting a driver who caused the crash.

When someone else or a business is clearly at fault

Personal injury claims usually stem from liability. Individuals and businesses can have liability for their actions, inaction or neglect. Poorly maintained stairways, aggressive and unrestrained guard dogs or even distracted driving could all contribute to someone suffering serious injuries at no fault of their own.

When you have reason to place blame for your injuries on another party and have evidence to support that belief, an attorney could help you turn those accusations into a solid legal case.

When insurance doesn’t want to cooperate

If the costs you suffered after a fall or crash are well within the scope of an insurance policy, you might expect to receive full compensation. Unfortunately, insurance companies usually want to pay the lowest amount as possible. It can require aggressive negotiations or even legal action to get all of the coverage someone needs after a crash.

Partnering with an attorney can help you deal with your injuries if insurance won’t cover your losses, another party is responsible for your injuries and you need more than what an insurance company and wants to pay.