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Do immigrants work for long enough to receive SSDI benefits?

As soon as someone starts a job in the United States, they start paying taxes on their income. Workers in Missouri will pay both state and federal income taxes while also making contributions toward Social Security. Contributions to Social Security help fund retirement and disability benefits programs.

Social Security taxes are particularly important for those in dangerous professions. Workers who suffered debilitating injuries before they reach retirement age can claim Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits if they qualify. An injury must be severe enough to prevent someone from working. It will also need to last for a year or longer for someone to receive SSDI.

Beyond that, the applicant needs to have accrued enough credits to receive SSDI payments. Can immigrants qualify for SSDI benefits?

A long work history can qualify a worker for SSDI

Every year, a worker can accrue up to four credits toward Social Security benefits. Typically, applicants over the age of 31 will need at least 40 credits to receive full SSDI benefits. Usually, they need at least 20 of those credits to be from the last 10 years.

A worker who earns four Social Security credits a year can potentially qualify for SSDI after just one decade of gainful employment in the United States. Younger workers in dangerous professions can qualify for benefits with a much shorter work history. This is particularly important for young immigrants, as they may be at higher risk for injury and death on the job than other employees, especially in professions like construction.

Getting SSDI benefits may require patience and help

Applying for SSDI isn’t easy, and many people give up before they get the benefits that they deserve. Knowing your rights and having support while applying increases your chances of success. Being patient enough to appeal and diligent enough to get the evidence to support your claim can also help.

Immigrants who need SSDI will likely need to learn about the program and check their accounts with the Social Security Administration to determine if they qualify for benefits. Applying for SSDI benefits can help those no longer able to work and earn money after working hard for years before their injury or diagnosis.