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Why would your Missouri SSD application be denied?

As discussed in this blog on several occasions, many St. Louis, Missouri, Social Security Disability (SSD) applications initially result in denials. However, this does not signify the end of your journey but rather the beginning.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) receives hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of applications each year. To minimize fraud, employees of the SSA look at each application with a critical eye. Unfortunately, this often results in the denial of even valid claims.

Application denials occur for a range of reasons

One of the most common reasons for a denial of benefits involves the expected duration of the disability. Unless your disability is expected to last more than 12 months, the SSA will likely deny your application. Other reasons applicants receive a notice of denial include:

  • The applicant can still perform their usual job duties
  • Your disability is not severe enough to qualify
  • The applicant can perform other types of work
  • Impairment occurred due to substance addiction
  • The applicant failed to provide sufficient medical evidence
  • Failure to follow medical treatment instructions
  • The applicant earns too much money
  • Failure to cooperate with SSA’s requests for more information

If SSA denies your initial application for the reasons above or a different reason, you have the right to appeal its decision. However, do not wait too long as you only have a 60-day window to file your appeal. Should this time elapse before the appeal is complete, you will need to begin a new application from scratch.

Although many Social Security Disability applications fail initially, you can improve your chances of success the first time around. Becoming familiar with your responsibilities as an SSD applicant can ensure that your first application satisfies the eligibility requirements set forth by Social Security.