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Working at a gym or fitness center comes with many injury risks

You are probably committed to staying in good shape as a fitness worker. With easy access to exercise equipment, you can work out every day if you like.

You might think excellent physical condition and razor-sharp reflexes will lower your risk of an on-the-job injury. Perhaps, but do not assume they will protect you from every occupational hazard. Even a seemingly minor accident can leave you with potentially severe injuries.

Common causes of gym worker injuries

It may surprise you to learn that short (same-level) falls are the second-leading cause of workplace injuries. These falls can happen if you slip on a wet floor or stumble over a piece of gym equipment. Although most same-level falls are minor, they cause more than a fair share of employee injuries.

Other ways you might suffer a work injury include:

  • Through manual labor and overexertion
  • Due to equipment accidents (malfunctions, etc.)
  • Through untidy and dangerously cluttered workspaces
  • Repeating the same movements frequently (cumulative trauma)

As you can see, fitness-related businesses typically contain the same occupational injury hazards as other commercial establishments.

Lower your workplace risks

While some accidents are unavoidable, small changes to your work approach can protect you from harm. These three simple tips may help.

  1. Keep the workspace tidy and clutter-free
  2. Take your time and avoid rushing through your tasks
  3. Protect your back when bending, lifting and carrying objects

Under Missouri law, you have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim if an occupational accident leaves you injured. The benefits you obtain can replace some of your lost wages while ensuring no-cost medical care for your work-related injury.