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Jobs with the highest probabilities of electrocution

Different types of employment come with inherent risks, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or a traumatic brain injury from a slip-and-fall. For some professions, it is the threat of electrocution that looms large.

People need to understand which occupations present the greatest danger from electric shock. If they do, those who pursue such career paths will be more conscious of the potential for injury every time they clock in.

Electrical line workers

Professionals who handle high-voltage power lines deal with considerable peril. Often, they do so at extreme heights, making the hazard even greater. The threat lies in exposure to live electrical currents while performing duties that bring power to millions.


While necessary in industries such as manufacturing and steel production, electricians often deal with high voltage. Whether installing wiring, troubleshooting electrical issues or repairing appliances, they operate next to live currents. As such, they are vulnerable to electrical shocks that could cause severe burns.

Power plant workers

Employees working in power plants must accept an elevated chance of electrocution. The complex machinery and intricate electrical systems within can lead to terrible accidents.

Construction workers

Building sites often involve a variety of electrical tools, machinery and wiring. Construction employees engaged in drilling, wiring installations and general repairs are susceptible to electrocution. This is particularly true when electrical systems are not adequately de-energized. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, 44% of on-the-job electrical fatalities happen to those working in construction and land extraction.

Certain occupations carry higher odds of electrocution. Understanding the peril is the first step toward reducing the number of working individuals who need hospitalization due to a nasty shock.